December 18th & 19th, 2014

Objective: To compare the plot of ‘Osmosis Jones’ to what I’ve learned about microbes and diseases.

  1. Do NOW!
    18th: What was one thing you liked about the exam?  What was one thing you disliked about the exam?  What is one thing you would change for our next exam?
    Lo que era una cosa que te gustó de el examen? ¿Cuál fue una cosa que te disgusta sobre el examen? ¿Qué es una cosa que iba a cambiar para nuestro próximo examen?

    19th: Describe a scene from Osmosis Jones where the main character interacts with microbes. What was the microbe and how did it effect the body?
    Describir una escena de Osmosis Jones donde el protagonista interactúa con microbios. ¿Cuál fue el microbio y cómo se afecta el cuerpo?

  2. Watch the Movie ‘Osmosis Jones’ and fill out The Microbiology of Osmosis Jones (45 minutes each day)

Over the break you may improve your grade by doing test corrections and the extra credit research assignment.  See those posts for further instructions.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!


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