January 8th, 2015

Objective: Explain the important vocabulary associated with biotechnology

  1. Do NOW!
    Write the definition for THREE of our new vocabulary words:
    biotechnology, ethics, genetic engineering, human trial, cell culture, computer modeling, animal models, agriculture
    Escribe la definición de tres de nuestras palabras nuevas: la biotecnología, la ética, la ingeniería genética, el juicio humano, cultivo celular, modelos informáticos, los modelos animales, la agricultura
  2. Fill out Biotechnology- Vocabulary Stations WORKSHEET doing Part B of Biotechnology- Vocabulary Stations
  3. Watch Power of Genes- Part II
  4. Ticket out the Door:
    • How does cloning differ from natural reproduction?
    • Why are scientists interested in twins who were separated at birth?
    • How do genes influence people’s personalities?

Homework: None 🙂


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