January 9th, 2015

Objective: Describe the ethical issues associated with cloning in biotechnology

  1. Do NOW!
    What is the definition of ethics?
    Do you think that cloning is wrong?  Why or why not?
    Do you think that animal testing is wrong?  Why or why not?

    ¿Cuál es la definición de la ética?
    ¿Cree usted que la clonación no es correcta? ¿Por qué o por qué no ?? ¿Cree que la experimentación con animales es malo? ¿Por qué o por qué no?

  2. Cloning Current Events (Students read one of the following articles)
    Generations of Cloned Mice with Normal Life Spans
    Scientists produce Cloned Embryos of Extinct FrogWhile reading students had to take down the following notes:

    • Write a short summary of what is happening (1-3 Sentences)
    • Why is this relevant to society?
    • What impact could this have?

    Then they shared what they learned with their shoulder partners

  3. Watch The Clone Age and fill out The Clone Age Questions Worksheet

Homework: Biotechnology Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle
(Note: See Mrs. Spears for Copy.  I was unable to upload it to the website)

Have a GREAT Weekend!!!!


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