January 14th, 2015

Objective: To become an expert in a field of biotechnology, and discover others

  1. Do NOW!What is the definition of  biotechnology?
    Name three different careers in biotechnology.¿Cuál es la definición de biotecnología ?? Nombre tres carreras diferentes en la biotecnología.
  2. Students were assigned one of four articles to read and annotate:
    The Green Revolution
    Getting to Know Agricultural Engineering
    Golden Rice
    Sourdough Bread
  3. Next students met with other students with the same article to fill out Biotechnology Text Activity Questions
  4. Next students met with their ‘Jigsaw’ group (every member read a different article) and they filled out Biotechnology Informational Text Activity Table as well as the remaining questions from the articles they did not read

Note: This is a two day activity.  Students will finish tomorrow January 15th.

Homework: Study for Vocabulary Quiz

Biotechnology Vocabulary Quiz is TOMORROW.  It will cover new biotechnology words as well as the biotechnology careers. 
Biotechnology- Vocabulary Stations
Biotechnology Career Gallery Walk


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