January 16th, 2015

Objective: Explain the advantages and disadvantages of biotechnology, specifically genetically modified organisms

  1. Do NOW!
    Watch the Video GMO- What is it? Then answer the following prompt:What do you already know about genetically modified food?  Do you think that GMOs are good or bad for human health?  Are they good or bad for the economy?  Write a one paragraph (5-7 sentences) reaction.

    ¿Qué es lo que ya sabe sobre los alimentos modificados genéticamente? ¿Cree usted que los transgénicos son buenos o malos para la salud humana? ¿Son buenos o malos para la economía? Escribe una un párrafo (5-7 oraciones) de reacción.

  2. Finish up Biotechnology Informational Text Activity Table
    Golden Rice
    Sourdough Bread
    The Green Revolution
    Getting to Know Agricultural Engineering
  3. Sort the following into either advantages or disadvantage of biotechnology:
    • Reduces the use of pesticides on our crops
    • Farmers are able to make more money because crops are better quality and in higher abundance
    • Crops that are able to grow in salty soils or droughts
    • We can treat and cure diseases that were once incurable
    • Increases the shelf life of food
    • Concern over inserting a plant gene into an animal or vice versa
    • Allergic reactions are possible due to insertion of genes
    • Long term effects of GMOs are unknown
    • There is a decrease in the number and variety of organisms
    • Possible that herbicide resistant crops could transfer traits to a weed (making weed un-killable)
  4. Watch ‘GMO OMG’ (found on Netflix instant streaming).
    During movie students wrote 3 facts, 2 interesting details, 1 question they still have.
    After the movie students answered this prompt as a Ticket-Out-the-Door:Are you for or against genetically modified organisms for consumption?  Explain your answer in a paragraph (5-7 sentences)

    ¿Estás a favor o en contra de los organismos modificados genéticamente en la alimentación? Explique su respuesta en un párrafo (5-7 oraciones)

Homework: NONE! 🙂

Today marks the end of the 2nd quarter!  

Wednesday January 21st will be the start of the 3rd quarter!

Have a GREAT four day weekend!!!! ❤


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