January 23, 2015

Note: Mrs. Spears was absent due to professional development and this was done with a substitute

Objective: Describe the ethical issue associated with cloning

  1. Continue working on The Ethics of Cloning project
  2. If finished work on Extra credit assignment:

    Read AND ANNOTATE the article ‘NFL athletes seeking unproven stem cell treatments’
    After reading the article write a ONE page HAND WRITTEN Review of the article. Include the following in your review:

Summary of the article
Why is this relevant to society
What is ethics?
Is what’s happening in the article ethical? Why or Why not?
How can this impact the future?

This is worth up to 15 extra credit points towards your ‘Ethics of Cloning’ project

Homework: FINISH ethics of cloning project.  This will be a MAJOR grade!  It’s due THIS MONDAY!!!


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