March 5th, 2015

Objective: To review for the Hydrosphere Unit Exam

  1. Do NOW!
    1.What obstacles do deep sea creatures face?
    2.What are some adaptations that they have to combat the harsh environment?
    3.Why is bioluminescence important to deep sea creatures?

    ¿Qué obstáculos enfrentan criaturas del mar profundo? ¿Cuáles son algunas adaptaciones que tienen que luchar contra las inclemencias del ambiente? ¿Por qué es importante criaturas del mar profundo bioluminiscencia?

  2. Fill out the Hydrosphere Unit Test Study Guide.  All of the information needed should be in notes or can be found from the following resources:
    The Ocean vocabulary
    Marine Ecosystems Vocabulary
    Distribution of Water Vocabulary + Water Cycle Vocabulary
    Water Distribution Demo Lab
    Properties of Water Vocabulary
Homework: Fill out study guide

Hydrosphere Unit Test is on MONDAY.  The completed study guide is due at that time!


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