March 6th, 2015

Objective: To review for the Hydrosphere Exam

  1. do NOW!
    1.What percentage of water on earth is available for human consumption?
    2.What process describes water leaving a PLANT and entering the atmosphere?
    3.Put the following in order of the water cycle: precipitation, evaporation, condensation, run-off

    ¿Qué porcentaje de agua en la tierra se encuentra disponible para el consumo humano? ¿Qué proceso se describe el agua dejando una planta y entrar en la atmósfera? Coloque el siguiente fin del ciclo del agua: precipitación, evaporación, condensación, la escorrentía

  2. Hydrology Test – Review Stations
Homework: Finish Study Guide (Due Monday)

Note: Today we had a two hour delayed opening, so classes were shortened to 45 minutes instead of the normal 60.

Hydrosphere Unit Exam is on MONDAY



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