March 16th, 2015

Objective: Describe the factors that impact water quality

  1. Do NOW!
    What is a terrestrial ecosystem?  What is a marine ecosystem?  Give an example of an animal that would link the two ecosystem.¿Qué es un ecosistema terrestre? ¿Qué es un ecosistema marino? Dé un ejemplo de un animal que uniría los dos ecosistemas.
  2. Test Corrections: Students had time in class to improve their Hydrosphere Unit Exam Grade.  For each question students correct, they earn back half credit.
    1.Write out (not just a, b, c, or d) what answer you ORIGINALLY choose
    2.Write out what the answer SHOULD be
    —Write one sentence EXPLAINING why your old answer is incorrect
    —Write one sentence EXPLAINING why your new answer is correct
  3. Article Review- Read the Article- Oyster aquaculture: Water Quality then write a 1 page hand written review.  Include the following in the review:
    • General Summary of the article
      • What is causing the river to not be high quality?
      • What is Eutrophication?
      • What factors have lead the river to becoming poor quality?
      • What did scientists discover could fix the water quality?
    • Why is this relevant to society
    • How can this impact the future?
Homework: Finish Article Review

End of the 3rd Quarter is FRIDAY


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