August 28th, 2015

Objective: To learn about the different phases of Matter

  1. Do NOW!
    Describe EACH of the three states of matter. [Use your notes to help]
    Describen cada uno de los tres estados de la materia.
  2. Current Event Activity; Students will read one of the articles, their shoulder partners will read the other.  While reading the articles students will write a one paragraph summary and answer the following questions; Why is this relevant to society?  How can this impact the future?
    Thanks for the (Computer) Memory
    Melting an Ice-burg with a Hot Poker
  3. Its just a phase article


1- Its just a phase article and Questions (if unfinished in class)

2- Discovery Education Quiz on Lab Safety (Due Wednesday 9/2)
Go to and log in
username = WCP lunch number
password = lunch number
Sort by teacher Name →  Spears, Lindsay
Lab Safety Quiz- Watch Video First



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