September 3rd, 2015

objective: To distinguish between elements, compounds, and mixtures

  1. Do NOW!
    1.Explain the difference between an Element and a Compound.
    2.Explain the difference between a pure substance and a Mixture.
    3.Explain the difference between a homogenous and heterogeneous mixture.

    Explicar la diferencia entre un elemento y un compuesto.  Explicar la diferencia entre una sustancia pura y mezcla.  Explicar la diferencia entre una mezcla homogénea y heterogénea.

  2. mixtures Lab 2015 practical portion and post lab questions.  Mixtures Lab Stations


Finish Post Lab Questions- This is a MAJOR GRADE!!!

Discovery Education Quiz- Phases of Matter/Mixtures (Due Tuesday 9/8)


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