October 23rd, 2015

Objective:  Describe the properties (characteristics) of water, and the water cycle.




  1. Do NOW:Draw and label a pie chart with the distribution of water on Earth.  Include the following: Oceans, Glaciers, Ground Water, Surface Water
    Dibujar y etiquetar un gráfico circular con la distribución del agua en la Tierra. Incluya los siguientes: océanos, glaciares, agua subterránea, agua superficial
  2. Distribution of Water Vocabulary + Water Cycle Vocabulary Lecture with Water Cycle Vocabulary Sheet
  3. Watch the next segment of ‘Last call at the Oasis’ and take 8 notes
  4. Ticket-out-the-door:
    If the water cycle is continuously cycling our fresh water, why are we concerned about a water crisis?  Write one paragraph

DiscoveryEducation.com Quiz on Water Distribution


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