November 19th, 2015

Objective: Describe how the Water Crisis impacts our society and our future

  1. Do NOW!
    Define the following terms and explain what effect they have on an aquatic ecosystem: pH, Turbidity, DO 

    Defina los siguientes términos y explicar qué efecto tienen en un ecosistema acuático: pH, turbiedad, oxígeno disuelto

  2. Students will make an informational poster about the water crisis that follow the following parameters:
    •Poster MUST have a title
    •Poster MUST have three facts that support your claim
    •Poster MUST have at least one colored picture that support your claim.
    •Name on back
    Look at the Water Crisis Poster Rubric to make sure you are following all Parameters

Homework: Quiz on Water Quality (20 questions)


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