November 20th, 2015

Objective: Describe the factors included when determining the safety of NC’s water supply

  1. Do NOW!
    What is the water Crisis?  How can this impact society and it’s future?  Write a minimum of 4 sentences.
    ¿Qué es la crisis del agua? ¿Cómo puede esta sociedad del impacto y del futuro? Escribir un mínimo de 4 frases.
  2. Students will annonomusly peer grade another classes Water Crisis Poster (made in class on 11/19) using Water Crisis Poster Rubric
  3. Students will read, annotate, and answer the questions for the Current Event’s article Oyster aquaculture could significantly improve Potomac River estuary water quality

1- Finish The Current Event’s article
2- Quiz on Water Quality


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