December 17th, 2015

Objective: To observe microbes under the microscope

  1. Do NOW
    Pick THREE parts of the Microscope and describe their function.
    Escoge tres partes del microscopio y describir su función.
  2. Students looked at four different microbes under the microscope and drew what they observed
  3. Follow up questions:
    1.Is it possible that microbes exist that are smaller than those you observed?  Explain how you might try to collect evidence to prove or disprove your idea.

    2.Develop three rules you will use the next time you do microscopy drawings

    3.As a scientist you are asked to describe two of the microbes that you saw to someone who has never looked through a microscope.  Write a short paragraph describing the microbes you observed.

    4.Imagine that you are a researcher studying microbes.  Would you choose to study a disease-causing microbe or one that does not cause disease?  Explain.

  4. Watch the movie ‘Osmosis Jones’

DE Quiz- Microbes

December 11th, 2015

Objective: To develop a better understanding of the vocabulary needed for our new unit on disease.

  1. Do NOW!
    List 5 things you ALREADY know about
    Microbes and/or Diseases.
    Lista 5 cosas que usted ya sabe acerca de los microbios y / o enfermedades.
  2. Diseases and Biotechnology- Introductory Vocabulary Stations while filling out Diseases and Biotechnology- Stations WORKSHEET.
    Station 6 Article: The Miracle of the Mold

Homework: NONE 🙂