January 26th-29th, 2015

Objective: To determine whether Rabies is considered an Epidemic in North Carolina

  1. Do NOW!
    Tuesday 1/26:
    Write down 4 facts about Rabies
    Escriba 4 hechos acerca de la Rabia
    Wednesday 1/27:
    Why is it beneficial to take data and present it in a meaningful way (such as your color-coded maps or a graph) ?  Explain in three sentences
    Thursday 1/28:
    What are the symptoms of Rabies? List ALL.
    ¿Cuáles son los síntomas de la rabia? Lista de TODOS.
    Friday 1/29:
    Do you think Rabies is an Epidemic in North Carolina?  Back up your answer with Data from your project. 3 sentence Minimum.
    ¿Cree usted que la rabia es una epidemia en Carolina del Norte? Copia de seguridad de su respuesta con datos de su proyecto.
  2. Finish Reading Rabies Information article and writing down the 15 most important facts
  3. Use the Rabies Data 2004 and Rabies Data 2014 to fill in the maps for Rabies Data Mapping and answer all follow up questions on worksheet

Discovery Education Quiz: Benchmark Review (this quiz is 20 questions and will be double weighted in PowerSchool Gradebook)

(Friday ONLY) finish up Rabies Data project- DUE MONDAY FOR A MAJOR GRADE!!!


January 20th, 2016

Objective: To review what we have learned during the first semester of school

  1. Do NOW!
    Describe each of the following families on the periodic table (Valence electrons, reactivity, Metal/non-metal): Alkali Metals, Halogens, Nobel Gasses.
    Describir cada una de las siguientes familias en la tabla periódica (Los electrones de valencia, reactividad, Metal / no metálicos): metales alcalinos, halógenos, gases Nobel.
  2. Go over the fill in the blanks for the Semester 1 Benchmark Study Guide
  3. Play the Semester 1 Benchmark Kahoot

Discovery Education Quiz on Spreading Diseases- Closes TONIGHT!!!

January 13th, 2016

Objective: To review what we have learned throughout the first semester of school

  1. Compare and contrast a Vector and a Carrier.   Three Sentences MINIMUM.
    Comparar y contrastar un vector y un vehículo. Tres sentencias mínimas.
  2. Finish watching NOVA- Surviving Ebola and filling out Surviving Ebola NOVA worksheet
  3. Finish reading World of Warcraft and epidemics article and answering the following questions:
    1.What happened in “World of Warcraft” in 2005?

    2.How did players react to the “2005 Plague”?

    3.What is an epidemiologist?

    4.Why were epidemiologists interested in this online game?

    5.What are some advantages to using an online game to study how people react?

    6.What are some disadvantages to using an online game to study how people react?

    7.Create a Venn Diagram comparing and Contrasting computer viruses and real viruses.

  4. Students will complete the first four pages of their Semester 1 Benchmark Study Guide

Discovery Education Quiz on Microscopes and Diseases.  Closes TONIGHT @ 11:59 pm

January 12th, 2015

Objective: To explore how last year’s outbreak of Ebola was treated as an epidemic and prevented from becoming a pandemic

  1. Do NOW!
    Define each of the following vocab terms: Pathogen, Epidemic, Pandemic
    Definir cada uno de los siguientes términos de vocabulario: Patógenos, Epidemia, pandemia
  2. Watch the NOVA special: ‘Surviving Ebola’ (available to stream on Netflix) and fill out Surviving Ebola NOVA worksheet

Discovery Education Quiz on Microscopes and Diseases

January 8th, 2015

Objective: To show my understanding of microorganisms through the creation of a “wanted poster”.

  1. Do NOW!
    List four facts about the disease you were assigned for your ‘Wanted Poster’
    Lista cuatro hechos sobre la enfermedad que se le asignó para su ‘Cartel querido’
  2. Students worked on and turned in their final copy of the ‘Wanted’ poster by following the Wanted Poster Rubric


Discovery Education Quiz on Microscopes and Diseases