February 9th, 2015

Objective: To make connections between what we have been learning about biotechnology to current events

  1. Do NOW!
    What is your article’s CLAIM? Write one piece of evidence that supports your claim.

    Escribir una pieza de evidencia que apoya su reclamo.

  2. Students met with their expert groups from yesterday to refresh their memory on their article’s claim and supporting details
  3. Students returned to their home group and shared what they had learned with the group.  Each member of the group is responsible for writing down the claims of the other articles
  4. As a group students came up with an answer to the following prompt and wrote it on their paper:
    How is biotechnology advancing/helping society?  Use evidence from at LEAST two articles in your response.  4 Sentence MINIMUM.
  5. Students wrote their group response on a poster paper

None 🙂


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