February 17th, 2016

Objective: To determine how Biotechnology helps society, particularly in North Carolina

  1. Do NOW!
    Students watched BrainPOP video on cloning
    -Explain how clones are made. (think of lab)
    -If you were to create a clone (like dolly) would the clone be the same age as the original organism?  Why or why not?Explican cómo se hacen los clones. (Pensar en laboratorio)
    Si se va a crear un clon (como Dolly) sería el clon ser la misma edad que el organismo original? ¿Por qué o por qué no?
  2. Watch ‘Heal, Feed, Sustain: How Biotechnology can save the world’ and fill out Heal, Feed, Sustain Video Questions
  3. Start on Bioethics Research Project
    1. Students got in a group of 3 or 4 and were assigned a topic (ether cloning or GMOs)
    2. Students had to start researching the topic looking for both pros and cons


Discovery Quiz on Biotechnology- CLOSES TONIGHT!!!


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