April 27th, 2016

Objective: Describe the biotic and abiotic limiting factors that affect species in an ecosystem


  1. Do NOW!
    Describe 3 limiting factors in detail.  Be sure to include if it is Biotic or Abiotic.

    Describir 3 factores limitantes en detalle. Asegúrese de incluir si es biótico o abiótico.

  2. A.O.W.: Density Factors
    • Article must be ANNOTATED properly and all questions answered!!!
      1. Write your first and last name and Core on article AND the worksheet
      2. Underline the title.
        1. Remember, there is a difference in a header and a title.
        2. Highlighting the title is NOT underlining the title. Follow instructions!
      3. Number the paragraphs.
        1. Be on the lookout for paragraphs that continue in page breaks.
      4. Read the questions!
      5. Read the entire passage through once.
        1. You are not annotating here. You are only reading!!!
      6. Make THREE personal annotations
        1. For this section YOU ARE: writing your reactions, writing your emotions, writing any connections you have to this article, writing questions that are not answered in the text.
        2. For this section you ARE NOT: summarizing the passage/paragraph, copying down sentences or chunks of the passage, asking questions that are answered in the text.

DiscoveryEducation.com Quiz on Evolution/Geologic Time Scale
A.O.W. – Due Friday


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