May 11th, 2016

Objective: To review what we have learned through the Ecosystems Unit

  1. Do NOW!
    Define each of the following AND put them in the correct position on the energy pyramid: Apex Predator, Autotroph, Secondary Consumer, Primary Consumer

    Definir cada una de las siguientes opciones y describir cuál es su lugar en una pirámide de energía: Apex Predator, Autótrofo, Consumer Secundaria, Primaria Consumidor

  2. Ecosystems Final Exam Study Guide 2016

Homework: Quiz on Energy in an Ecosystem- CLOSES TONGIHT
– Finish Study Guide (If not done in class)
Extra Credit- Symbiotic Relationships


May 10th, 2016

Objective: To determine how invasive species impact various ecosystems


  1. Do NOW!
    Watch TEDed video on Invasive Species
    Answer the following questions:
    –What is an invasive species?
    –Why are invasive species bad?
    –What are some possible consequences of invasive species?
  2. Understanding Invaders Jigsaw:
    -Students have a home group, each member is assigned a different article.-Students are assigned one of the following articles to become an ‘expert’ on in their expert group:
    Atlantic Coastal Estuaries
    California’s Coastal Scrub
    Chicago Hardwood Forests
    Florida Everglades
    Hawaiian Islands
    Sagebrush Shrub Steppe

    Students will fill out Understanding Invaders Questions with their expert group.

    Students will then go back to their home group and share what they learned.

    Each student must write down TWO facts from each member of the home group on the BACKSIDE of the Questions paper!

Homework: Quiz on Energy in an Ecosystem
Extra Credit: Symbiotic Relationships

May 6th, 2016

Objective: Examine the relationship  between predators and prey

  1. Do NOW!
    Create a line graph demonstrating what would happen to the following organisms if the PRODUCER of an ecosystem were to die from a fire: Producer, Primary Consumer, Secondary Consumer, Apex Predator.Crear un gráfico de líneas que demuestra lo que sucedería a los siguientes organismos si el productor de un ecosistema fuera a morir de un incendio.
  2. Finish the Predator/Prey Storyboard (Predator Prey Storyboard Instructions)

Homework: Quiz on Energy in an Ecosystem

May 5th, 2016

Objective: Examine the relationship between predators and prey.

  1. Do NOW!
    Explain what might happen if one of the species were to be removed from the food web.  In your explanation use the following vocabulary words: Producer, primary consumer, secondary consumer, apex predator. 

    Explique qué podría suceder si una de las especies eran ser removido de la red trófica. En su explicación utilizar las siguientes palabras de vocabulario: productores, consumidores primarios, consumidores secundarios, depredadores ápice.

  2. Predator-Prey Notes and Storyboard Instructions

Homework: Quiz on energy in ecosystems

May 3rd, 2016

Objective: Describe how energy is transferred between trophic levels in an ecosystem


  1. Do NOW!
    Define the following terms:
    Producer, Primary Consumer, Apex Predator, Energy Pyramid

    Define los terminos siguientes:
    Productor, consumidor primario, Apex Predator, Pirámide de Energía

  2. Ecosystems Virtual Lab [Click HERE]

    with students filling out Ecosystems Virtual Lab WORKSHEET

Homework: Quiz on Limiting Factors & Relationships
Extra Credit