Extra Credit: Symbiotic Relationships

In class we have learned that there are many organisms that live in a symbiotic relationship with another organism of a different species.


[Failure to follow directions may result in not receiving extra credit]

Write a one page HAND WRITTEN report describing three symbiotic relationships.

  1. Research and write about an example of EACH type of symbiosis (Mutualism , Parasitism, and Commensalism ).  Make sure you say what type of relationship the two organisms share.
  2. Describe the two organisms in the relationship.  Include where in the world they’re found.
  3. Describe their relationship to each other in DETAIL.  (Who benefits? How? Is one harmed?  How? etc.)

This is due on FRIDAY MAY 13th.

This is worth up to 20 extra credit point towards your 4th Quarter Average.


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