October 28th, 2016


To discover how and where water is distributed on Earth.


  1. Bellwork:
    1.Where can we find useable water for humans?

    2.What percentage is found in those locations?

    • ¿Dónde podemos encontrar agua utilizable para los seres humanos?
    • ¿Qué porcentaje se encuentra en esos lugares?
  2. Review how water is distributed with students.
  3. Using this CUBE TEMPLATE, students will create a learning cube based on the distribution of water on Earth following Distributions of Water Cube Project Directions
    Can use this pie chart as a guide: http://americasbestairandwater.com/media/water_pie_charts.gif

Discovery Educaiton Quiz 8 – Water Cycle


October 27th, 2016


To discover where in the world water is locate



  1. Bellwork:
    Why should we work to conserve our fresh water?  Explain in three sentences
    ¿Por qué debemos trabajar para conservar nuestra agua dulce? Explique en tres frases
  2. Water Distribution Lab

-Discovery Education Quiz 8 – Water Cycle

Extra Credit- Elements

Choose an element from the periodic table, and write a one page HAND WRITTEN report on it.  In your report be sure to include the following:

  • Atomic #
  • Atomic weight
  • Valance Electrons
  • Reactivate
  • What family is it apart of?
  • When and how was it discovered?
  • What are it’s uses?
  • Any other interesting information

This report is worth up to 20 extra credit points towards the 1st quarter.

This assignment is due on Monday 10-24  WEDNESDAY 10/26

October 21, 2016


To review our knowledge of what we have learned during our matter unit.


  1. Bellwork:
    How is the Law of Conservation of Mass best represented in a chemical reaction? (HINT: Why do we balance equations?)

    ¿Cómo es la ley de conservación de la masa mejor representado en una reacción química? (PISTA: ¿Por qué equilibrar ecuaciones?)

  2. Matter final exam study guide


1. DiscoveryEducation.com Quiz on Chemical Reactions
2. Finish Matter final exam study guide
3. Study for Matter final exam