October 3rd, 2016

Objective: To review the material that we have learned so far in our Matter unit



  1. Bellwork:
    Draw and label an atom.  Include the charges and masses of the subatomic particles!

    Dibujar y etiquetar un átomo. Incluir los cargos y las masas de las partículas subatómicas!

  2. matter-midterm-jeopardy
    -Make 10 groups of 2-3 students
    -Start game by having a rock paper scissors competition.  Winning team gets to pick first category
    -Each team has a dry erase board and markers.  First team to write the correct answer and put it in the air wins the points and gets to choose the next category
    -Keep track of points on the white board. NOTE: different questions worth different points
  3. Work on study guides.  If students have completed the study guides have them quietly quiz themselves or quiz in a small group.



1. D.E. Quiz 4 – Element Finder
2. Finish Study Guide/Study for Exam


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