November 2nd, 2016

Mrs. Spears’ Birthday!!!

Essential Question(s): 

  • How is water distributed throughout the hydrosphere
  • What water is available for human use?
  • What is the water crisis and how does it affect both Earth and humanity’s future?

Objective: How is what we have learned about water relevant to our lives and to society?


  1. Bellwork:
    Come up with three ways that you are wasteful with your water consumption.  For each example, come up with a solution to eliminate the wastefulness!
  2. Current Events Jigsaw.  Students will be assigned their “home” groups today, then dispersed to their “expert groups” where they read one of the following articles:
    1. Four billion people affected by severe water scarcity
    2. Looming megadroughts in western US would make current drought look minor
    3. 5 facts you need to know about Lake Mead’s water crisis
    4. Worldwide water shortage by 2040
  3. While reading the articles students filled  out jigsaw expert worksheet


Finish Annotating your article (If not done in class) Quiz 8 – Water Cycle CLOSES TONIGHT!!!


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