November 3rd, 2016

Objective: How is what we have learned about water relevant to our lives and to society?


  1. Do NOW!
    Write down the name of the article you read yesterday.  Write down the claim from the article AND one interesting fact about it.
  2.  Current Events Jigsaw.  Students finish up with their “expert groups” where they read one of the following articles and  filled  out jigsaw expert worksheet.
  3. Students will go back to their home groups and shared what they learned.
  4. In their home groups students will come up with a response to the following question:
    Do you think that Earth and it’s inhabitants are in trouble due to the water crisis?  Explain why or why not with details from your articles.
  5. Students worked together to create a poster with their findings

Homework: Quiz 9- Distribution of Water


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