November 9th, 2016

Objective: To extend our learning on Estuaries and River Basins

  1. Bellwork:
    Write three facts about estuaries

    Escribe tres hechos sobre los estuarios

  2. NC River Basins & Estuaries Newspaper Project:
    • Create 3 articles with catchy Titles/Headlines
    • Each article must have a main idea with 2-3 supporting details. Each article should be 5-6 sentences in length
    • Include an editorial (picture/drawing) for each article
    • These are the subtopics:
    1. Basic description of the NC River basins and Estuaries
    2. Roles/Importances of both
    3. Human Impact/Dangers on both

D.E. Quiz 9 – Distribution of Water



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