December 6th, 2016

Objective:  Describe factors that impact water quality

Essential Question(s):How do marine organisms interact with and respond to the biotic and abiotic factors in the hydrosphere?


  1. Bellwork:
    Fertilizer containing nitrates and phosphates is put on a flower bed on a hill next to a pond.  Create a sequence of possible consequences.
    1. Run-off water from the flower bed will enter the water
    2. Next….
    Fertilizantes que contienen nitratos y fosfatos se pone en una cama de flores en una colina junto a un estanque. Crear una secuencia de posibles consecuencias. (Sugerencia: La escorrentía de agua de la cama de flores, entrará en el agua, al lado …)
  2. Water Treatment Lecture with Water Treatment Guided Notes
  3. Continue Watching ‘Last Call at the Oasis’ and write 2 facts, 2 interesting details, and 1 question while watching



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