December 13th, 2016

Objective: To connect the topics that we have learned in class to real world problems that are happening right now


Google Classroom – Hydrosphere current events project

Directions: Our Hydrosphere unit is at an end! We have learned A LOT about water.
Your job is to find one reputable current events article about the topics that we have learned this unit.

  • You must have a working hyperlink to the online article along with the Article Title, Author, Publication Source, and Date
  • You must have a  4-5 sentence SUMMARY about the article.
  • Remember that a good summary will have the main idea from the article, and 2 to 3 supporting details.
  • You may NOT quote the article (that means you may not copy and paste).
  • Articles must be from 2010 or later.
  • Wikipedia may not be used.

Choose 5 topics from the list below for your project:
1. Distribution of Water on Earth/Water Shortage
2. Estuaries OR River Basins
3. The Ocean
4. Ice Caps (Hint- I wonder, could global warming be causing the ice caps to melt?)
5. Water Quality (hint- Look for articles about how water is being polluted or contaminated)
6. Eutrophication
7. Water Treatment

Homework: Quiz on Water Treatment


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