Reminder: SciPi Night forms due FRIDAY

Sci Pi Night is March 23rd, 2017 from 5:30-7:30 pm

SciPi night will be an evening of Science and Math presentations designed to engage students in STEM learning


Students who attend SciPi night will get a Science Homework pass if you come and sign in at Mrs. Spears’ booth

Volunteers  will get 2 homework passes (1 for Science and 1 for Math) and will earn service hours.  SciPi Student volunteer Form must be filled out and turned in by Friday March 17

Student Presentations:

  • If you would like to present you need to turn in SciPi Student Presentation Consent Form
  • Deadline: Friday March 17th
  • Students who put on a presentation will earn 50 points of Extra Credit towards their next Exam (in addition to homework passes for Math and Science)!!!
  • You need to come up with an activity or a demonstration that has to do with our curriculum:

ØEnergy (cell or energy sources)
ØEarth’s History (fossils, carbon dating, etc.)


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