April 4th, 2017

Objective: To explore how biotechnology is being used in today’s society


  1. Bellwork:
    Define the following vocabulary words: Biotechnology, Ethics,Genetic EngineeringDefinir las siguientes palabras del vocabulario: Biotecnología, Ética, Ingeniería Genética
  2. Watch Season 5 Episode 3 of VICE news: When the Earth Melts (first half only).  While watching students answered the following questions:
    1. What gas is being released from the melting ice?
    2. What is the release of this gas troublesome to scientists?
    3. What is permafrost?
    4. What will happen if permafrost continues to melt?
    5. What is the solution that Russian scientists are proposing to stop the melting of permafrost?
    6. How does cloning the Woolly Mammoth contribute to the solution?
  3. Students Then read the Article Woolly Mammoth will be back from extinction within two years, say Harvard scientists and answered the questions on Cloning the woolly mammoth worksheet


DiscoveryEducation.com Quiz 25


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