It has been a wonderful year so far!  I have truly enjoyed getting to know your child and teaching them about science!  So far this year we have learned about Chemistry, the Hydrosphere, Energy Sources, Cell Energy, Populations & Ecosystems, Microbes & Diseases, and Biotechnology.  We only have one more unit left this school year:  Earth’s Geologic History.

It is with a heavy heart that I am informing you that Friday April 28th will be my last day as your child’s teacher. Starting on Monday May 1st, your child will have a substitute teacher for their science instruction.  Even though I will not be present to teach your child, I have already fully planned out the remainder of the school year, and I have left very detailed instructions for my successor.  Your child will still be given all of the instruction that they need to be fully prepared for their Science End of Grade exam in May!

All of the lesson plans and resources for the entire year can be accessed online.  Go to the class website (Spears8Science.wordpress.com) and follow the link to the class calendar (tab located at the top right corner of home page) to find all information.

You can also Click HERE to access the Class Calendar

Ms. Bette and Mrs. Carlos are two other 8th grade Science teachers who will be teaching the same lessons that are planned for your child for the remainder of the year.  Both Ms. Bette and Mrs. Carlos have tutoring hours that your child is welcome to attend if they need further help in Science.  Both teachers request that you send them an email with advance notice of your child’s attendance.

Ms. Bette: jbette@wcpss.net
Tutoring Time: Wednesday Afternoon, 3:15-4:15

Mrs. Carlos: kcarlos@wcpss.net
Tutoring Time: Tuesday Afternoon, 3:15-4:15

I am leaving the teaching profession to pursue a career in science.  I have recently been hired by INC Research as a project specialist in their Central Nervous System department.  I have a deep passion for science and research and I am so excited to use that passion in the field of biotechnology!

I will miss Wendell Middle School so much!  It has been a great honor and a privilege to teach your child these past months!
Mrs. Lindsay Spears


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