About Mrs. Spears

I have a Bachelors of Science in Biology from Southeastern University


I really love science!  I always thought I would get a research job in some sort of Microbiology lab, but my career goals shifted when I became a T.A. for the Science Department in College.  It was this experience that I uncovered my love for teaching.  Setting up and running labs as well as proctoring classes became activites that that I looked forward to and enjoyed.  When I graduated college I decided to defer getting my masters in Microbiology and give full time teaching a try.  I taught for several years in Lakeland, FL at Lakeland High School and Southwest Middle School before joining the Wendell Middle School Family in 2014. I love education, and at that I plan on staying in this field for the rest of my career.

super scientist

In my free-time I like to drive my two Mazdas, which are both stick shift!  Zoom Zoom #whatdrivesyou

I am also an avid TV fanatic and am embarrassed to say how many shows I enjoying following!

I am also an athlete!  I really enjoy running and working out.  Recently I completed the Spartan Sprint Race and plan on completing more Spartan races this year #Aroo #SpartanStrong

Spartan Strong

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