WMS Grading Policy

Grade Breakdown:

Major Assessments (tests, projects, labs): 55%
Minor Assessments (quizzes, classwork): 35%
Formative Assessments (small assignments): 10%

A  90 – 100
B 80 – 89
C 70 – 79
D 60 – 69
F < 60

Retest/Late Work Policy

Retest Procedures:

Students who do not pass a test will have an
opportunity to retest provided they have completed missing work (class work and homework) associated with the unit and/or made test corrections within two weeks of the original test date.


The Following are School-Wide Expectations for Late/Missing Work:

Students are expected to complete all work assigned by their teachers. The following are the deductions to be used for late assignments handed in within 10 school days of the original due date.

1 day late     10% penalty

2-5 days late 20% penalty

6-10 days late   40% penalty

A student may still earn a zero if they fail to hand in the assignment within the 10 day window.

The original grade will be on the assignment along with  the deduction and final grade.

Working Lunch may be assigned to provide incentive for students to complete a missing assignment.  Working Lunch may be assigned until the assignment is complete.  If an assignment has been corrected in class; an alternate, similar assignment may be given. Special consideration will be given in the case of extended absences due to injury or chronic illness.

**NOTE: Late work Policy does NOT count towards Discovery Ed Quizzes


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