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SciPi Night

Sci Pi Night is March 23rd, 2017 from 5:30-7:30 pm

SciPi night will be an evening of Science and Math presentations designed to engage students in STEM learning


Students who attend SciPi night will get a Science Homework pass if you come and sign in at Mrs. Spears’ booth

Volunteers  will get 2 homework passes (1 for Science and 1 for Math) and will earn service hours

Students who put on a presentation will earn 50 points of Extra Credit towards their next Exam (in addition to homework passes for Math and Science)!!!

Student Presentations:

  • If you would like to present you need to turn in SciPi Student Presentation Consent Form
  • Deadline: Friday March 17th
  • You need to come up with an activity or a demonstration that has to do with our curriculum:

ØEnergy (cell or energy sources)
ØEarth’s History (fossils, carbon dating, etc.)


Extra Credit: Ocean Ecosystems

Log into your account

Username: WCP lunch #
Passwor: Lunch #

Under ‘Assignments’ you have an integrated science simulation called ‘Ocean Ecosystems.’

In this simulation you will toggle different variables to see how they affect the ecosystem of the Ocean.

In the simulation there is a tab called ‘questions’ at the bottom.  If you open this tab 6 questions about the simulation will pop up.

For extra credit, answer these six questions on a separate sheet of loose-leaf paper.

Each question is worth 2 extra credit point towards your 2nd quarter grade (12 points max)

This extra credit is due during homeroom on Monday 11/16 (must be turned in by 7:29 am in order to count)

Extra Credit: Candy

Mrs. Spears’ favorite candy is PEPPERMINT PATTIES (and is MAYBE hoping to get some on Monday for her Birthday, lol)

What’s your favorite candy?  Write it down on a piece of paper with your name and give it to Mrs. Spears on Monday during homeroom for 5 points extra credit!

You must hand it to Mrs. Spears by 7:29 am in order to get the extra credit!

Test Corrections: Change Over Time

The Change Over Time Unit Exams were passed back to students on May 18th.  If you are not happy with your score you can improve it by doing the following:

For each question you got wrong you must WRITE OUT what the correct answer should be (not just a, b, c, or d).

Next, You must write at least one complete sentence explaining why the new answer is correct.

For each question that you correct you can earn back half credit (1.5 points per question)

Corrections must be turned in no later than Friday May 22nd.

You must ask Mrs. Spears in class for the exam because there is not a digital copy!!!!